Shipping time: All orders will be processed and shipped within 1-4 business days.

Shipping cost: Buyers are responsible for shipping costs, which vary depending on the region and the courier selected.

Estimated shipping time:

 UK, US: Standard shipping time is estimated to be 4-10 business days.

 Germany, France and other countries: Standard shipping time is estimated to be 4-7 business days.

Available markets:

We can ship to the UK, US, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Australia.

Customs tax: Sellers will bear customs taxes for all markets.

Shipping options and prices:

Customers can choose standard or express delivery services. Standard shipping costs less but takes longer; express delivery services cost more but provide faster shipping times.

Delay Solutions:

In case of shipping delays, our customer service team: will promptly notify customers and provide possible solutions or compensation.

Contact Us:

If you have any shipping-related questions or need assistance, please contact our customer service team: