We at FLYCUT CAT have spent years riding, building, and repairing E-bikes From Frame to Motor to Battery to Wiring.

FLYCUTYCAT Comprehensive Warranty and Extended Support Plan

1 Year Warranty on all E-Bikes, Motors, Batteries, and Parts

We ship you the part or replacement deemed necessary per diagnosis. We will provide you with instructional support for the repair(s) as needed.

If you wish, or if a remote diagnosis cannot be made, we will cover parts and labor, and you cover shipping .

After your 1 Year Warranty, we are happy to offer you extended support

To file a Warranty Claim or for Extended Support - Contact Us at sales@flycutycat.com

Warranty process

1. Contact customer service:

If your product has warranty problems during the warranty period, please contact our online customer service or submit a warranty request via email.

2.Provide information:

Please provide proof of purchase (e.g. order number, invoice, etc.) and describe the product problem in detail. If possible, please attach a photo or video of the problem.

3.Confirmation and Verification:

After receiving your warranty request, our customer service staff will review and verify the problem. If it qualifies for warranty, we will arrange for repair or replacement service.


Once the problem is verified, we will arrange for repair or replacement of the product as appropriate. The repaired or replaced product will continue to be covered for the remainder of the warranty period.

5. Shipping the product:

If you need to ship your product to a designated repair location, please ensure that you pack the product properly to avoid damage during transportation.